Friday, November 27, 2009

Touched by Infertility

Awhile ago I had read a blog (sorry! Can't remember who's) about all the times we've seen infertility and never really thought much about it. The thing is, until you're personally experiencing it, you probably don't even pay other's experiences much mind.

Some of the people I know (or suspect) have been touched by infertiltiy:

My grandma-She was 35 (her husband was 45) when she had her first child, after 10 years of marriage. This was in the 40's and 50's so I'm pretty sure this was not the result of extremely effective birth control. She had another child later, who died as an infant.

My great-aunt - She adopted her two children.

My cousin - He and his wife adopted after 10-15 years of marriage.

My aunt - Has two daughters as the result of IVF. I was a teenager when she was going through treatment, so I wasn't really into hearing the details, but I believe that she started trying aroung 35 and had her first daughter 3 years later.

Former co-worker, - Has PCOS, did treatments for a year (including insemination); is currently taking a break to try to lose some weight and get her mind in a better place, as she has suffered depression as a result of this struggle.

Then I also think of some of my friends who seem to have a kind of infertility not readily acknowledged: What about those women who yearn for a child who haven't found the right partner?

My best-friend who after being with a man for 4 years and planning on marrying him and soon after trying to have a baby is now single again at 31. It is also suspected that she has PCOS.

I also have two other friends, one who is still waiting for the one and another who believes that she has him, but he won't marry her even thought they have been together for almost 10 years. They're both 31.